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In Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Japan and the Philippines mass fisheries seriously threaten manta and mobula ray populations. New demand from Asia for dried gill rakers used in traditional medicines has dramatically increased the Indonesian fisheries, threatening the local populations. The gills are used interchangeably in Chinese medicine and according to Chinese practitioners, gill rakers help to clear away heat and toxic material from the body and aid blood circulation. On the street in Southern China prices vary according to size and manta gills can sell for $100.00 USD per pound.

Paul Hilton is a photojournalist working on manta and mobula ray research in China, He is collecting gill raker samples for DNA testing that are used in Chinese medicine. You can follow his work from his website: Paul Hilton Photography [email]


Stuart Gow of Matava Fijis Premier Eco Adventure Resort is now one of our Manta Affiliates. Their resort is host to several manta dive sites including Manta Reef (Manta Alley). As they are on the south side of Kadavu on the Great Astrolabe Reef they have direct daily access to the manta sites.
Matava Fijis Premier Eco Adventure Resort


We are seeking sponsors to help fund the deployment of underwater IP cameras at manta cleaning stations around the world. The MantaCam is manufactured by Ocean Presence Technologies and allows for research into manta behavior. This live camera can be controlled by researchers from anywhere in the world and will make possible live educational events over the Internet. If you would like to help sponsor this important conservation work, please contact: Robert Aston.

Research Sponsors Sought

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